Drawing to Views

Views are an essential mechanism of the 3d rendering backend and must be thoroughly understood to perform any form of complex rendering.


Views are refered to by index as an integer value between 0 and 255. There can be no more than 256 views defined.

Each call to a drawing function such as DrawLines or DrawModel is queued as multiple draw commands on the specified view. When Frame is called all views are processed in order, from the lowest to the highest id.

Keep in mind that rendering is deferred and no actual drawing occurs immediately after calling a draw function.

Drawing happens when Frame is called and all views are reset after that.

View Properties

The following properties are specified per view:

A view accepts a single value for each of these properties. Multiple calls to change the same property of a view will override its current value.

If you need to use different values for a view property you must use additional views even if all other properties remain unchanged.

Views with no queued draw commands are skipped. If you need to force the processing of a view, use Touch.

Draw Command Queue

Draw commands queued on a view are processed according to the view mode, they are executed:

When the view mode is VM_DepthAscending or VM_DepthDescending, the depth value used to sort draw commands is derived from the draw call depth parameter.

When no depth is specified, 0 is implied.