Importing from GLTF

The GLTF importer is a command-line tool to convert a GLTF file to Harfang resources. This tool supports converting scene graph, geometries, materials and animations.


gltf-import <input> [-out PATH] [-base-resource-path PATH] [-name SCENE_NAME] [-prefix PATH] [-shader PATH]
            [-material-policy POLICY] [-geometry-policy POLICY] [-texture-policy POLICY] [-scene-policy POLICY]
            [-geometry-scale FLOAT] [-recalculate-normal] [-recalculate-tangent] [-quiet] [-help]
-out-oOutput directory for the converted resource files.
-base-resource-pathTransform references to assets in this directory to be relative.
-nameScene name if not specified in the GLTF container.
-prefixSpecify the file system prefix from which relative assets are to be loaded from.
-shader-sOverride the shader used by exported materials.
-all-policyAll file type import policy.
-material-policyMaterial file import policy.
-geometry-policyGeometry file import policy.
-texture-policyTexture file import policy.
-scene-policyScene file import policy.
-geometry-scaleFactor used to scale exported geometries.
-recalculate-normalRecreate the vertex normals of exported geometries.
-recalculate-tangentRecreate the vertex tangent frames of exported geometries.
-quiet-qQuiet output.
-help-hDisplay help message.

The following policies are available: skip, overwrite, rename and skip_always. The default policy is skip.

Return code

The executable returns 1 if no error occurred, 0 otherwise.

To notify the caller about the conversion result the converter sends special markers to the standard output:

  • [ImportScene: OK] if the import succeeded.
  • [ImportScene: KO] if the import failed.


Import scene.gltf to ./export, overwrite existing geometry, skip everything else if it exists:

gltf-import scene.gltf -o export -texture-policy overwrite

Import scene.gltf to ./export, only import scene, skip everything else:

gltf-import scene.fbx -o export -material-policy skip_always -geometry-policy skip_always -texture-policy skip_always